Professional Growth

Professional Growth

Seavus trusts in knowledge, constant improvement and change. For us it means dedication to a great variety of training opportunities, resulting in continuous knowledge growth and competency development.


Seavus – the training company

Seavus trusts in knowledge, constant improvement and change. For us it means dedication to a great variety of training opportunities, resulting in continuous knowledge growth and competency development. Our training opportunities are for all our employees – the company is here for them to offer support and assistance. The contents of the corporate training programs is based on the strategic development needs of Seavus and our investments in them are considerable. The subject definition happens in close cooperation with the managers and the employees, thus ensuring the interest and involvement of the trainees.

Welcome aboard!

Our company provides an Onboarding program as ongoing process of integrating and assimilating new employees, providing them with tools, resources and knowledge to become successful and productive at their workplace, within the shortest delay. Employees with significant experience in the company provide liable real life examples to new comers, establishing an atmosphere of friendly interest and acceptance. The newly hired employees feel welcome and prepared for the new position, are productive and make contributions by understanding their job role and responsibilities, so at the end of the six month period be fully functional.


Are you interested in how you are doing with your projects and assignments?
Of course, you are.
The performance evaluation system of the company answers the question. It is 6-months based, thus, you get two evaluations in the course of one year.
We assess the level of development of the knowledge, qualifications and skills of our employees against the personal, division, department and company goals. Further, we point to the areas of improvement, so that the personal development and satisfaction, as well as the excellent quality delivery on the projects will be done in a sustainable way.

We invest in knowledge!

In this modern era of innovation and knowledge, we recognize the need to work continuously with the top-rated universities. We consider them to be a cradle where young minds with extraordinary talents are brought up with skills and courage to face the world.

Such collaboration reflects on the students’ development, advances their expertise, and practical know-how, so they can easily enter the labor market and improve the capacity and competitiveness of the companies. 

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

We offer our employees various benefits that makes the everyday of our employees a lot easier.

This is not simply gifting our employees with a Certificate of Appreciation, but it is an act of recognizing people based on specific results and behaviors. We value our people and celebrate their jubilees all together with their teams or even divisions. It is a really joyful day when several colleagues celebrate their tenures so all the company rejoices.

By implementing the flexible working time we aim at enhancing the quality of performance and improving the work conditions and the life balance for our employees. We have made a step of significant importance and responsibility, as this flexibility can bring positive impact on our business, while being compliant with the company’s mission and values and its internal rules and policies.

Running Marathon

Running is what we do, it gives us endurance and ultimate satisfaction. It’s not about the speed, nor the distance. It’s about making steps towards accomplishing our goals. And that is why we run.

You’ll find us among the Skopje, Belgrade, Malmoe, Riga, and Gothenburg marathon runners. Each year, our team grows at exponential pace. We are proud that in 2014, more than 72 people signed up for the 5km and half-marathon race in Skopje. While in 2015, we broke all records with 127 runners from 4 Seavus offices, and we set a new benchmarks for the years to come. 

The purpose of the courses is to improve business communication with clients, partners and Seavus colleagues as well. The English language classes result in better client management which in turn creates added value, higher customer satisfaction and leads to new business opportunities.


As various sports have and will always be a big part of Seavus life, the table tennis is one of the those where our employees succeeded to be the unsurpassed of all times!

Our Gym is equipped for table tennis sporting so our TT team, having the opportunity to practice as much as they want (and can), had won Championship in the table tennis competition on ‘Month of Sport’ tournament. 

Massage center

We have in house massage centre in Skopje office making relaxation and rejuvenation part of the work day, leading to boosting productivity and improving health

Cycling is very popular sport, a healthy habit and a great source of fun. Many of us cycle to work, and that’s why Seavus has a fleet of company bikes that every employee can use free of charge at any time.


We encourage our employees to improve their health and fitness levels, increase their energy and stamina, and lower their spending. That’s why we opened in-house gym with sports equipment, available to all Seavus people every day of the week.

True to our spirit of taking care for our people, we have made many eBooks and Hard Copy books available to Seavus employees. We hope that many of this popular titles from various industries will help you explore many areas and give you the opportunity to upgrade your skills.


As football is one of the most popular sports among Seavus people, it comes naturally that we have our own Seavus Football league. Seavus enables its employees a regular scheduled trainings on the city’s football stadiums so we can practice better sport habits.

Besides that, we take part in the football marathon organized by Macedonian-German Commercial Association, the Month of sports and many others, and furthermore, our football players enjoy these tournaments and go all-out for the first place. 

Becoming a parent is an important event. We join the celebration everytime a colleague welcomes a newborn in the world, by serving "mekici" and preparing gifts for the new member of our vast Seavus Kids family.

Yoga and Pilates

We maintain our healthy lifestyle with Yoga and Pilates classes three times a week. Held by professional trainers in our gym, the classes are the most popular activities among Seavus people. We encourage all employees to join, so they can stay fit and healthy.

All Seavus people can fully enjoy many benefits we arrange, as discounts, privileges and other special promotions on products and services in the countries we have offices in.


We strive for success on many fields, so in basketball too. Our basketball team had its glory by winning the Month of sports Award several times and we are sure that we’ll keep the Champions title in the years to come.

During the working week, business shirts, suits, ties, trousers, and dress shoes are the norm, but that’s why we have Casual Friday. Seavus people during Fridays are free to wear more casual apparel. Anyway, it is end of the week, right?