Social Time

Social Time

We work hard and we always have time for fun!

Team buildings

Team buildings

Seavus understand the importance of team’s unity. That’s why we organize and use team buildings to celebrate successes or to mold our employees into a team. Everyone benefits through increased cooperation among the team and a feeling of accomplishment for everyone.

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Seavus Kids

The youngest in our community are the ones that bring the most of the smiles, happy moments and joyful memories in Seavus. We always celebrate the International Kids Day, in our premises where all the Seavus people together with their youngsters share some cheerful time.

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Sports is what we do, it gives us endurance and ultimate satisfaction. It’s not about the speed, nor the distance. It’s about making steps towards accomplishing our goals. You’ll find us among Skopje, Belgrade, Malmoe, Riga, and Gothenburg marathon runners.

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Creative Rooms

We like to unleash the creative potential among our employees, and one of the best ways is to create an environment that stimulates and nurtures imagination and comfortable surroundings. That’s when the best ideas arise!

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Seavus Code Talks are events where Seavus experts share their knowledge and know-how with the community.

The Code Talks is a great information exchange for the development community, usually with two main speakers which talks are both technical and practical.

The event ends with a panel discussion called The Lion Talk. The audience asks questions which are answered on the panel. 

Here you can find all the information’s about our Code Talks events. Come and join us on our next event or send us a suggestion or a topic you would like to hear our experts talking about in your town. 

Write us on marketing@ , and tell us your suggestions.

Seavus CodeTalks in Skopje

Seavus CodeTalks Novi Sad ENDED!

Date: April 21, 2016

Time: 18:00

Entrance: FREE

Place: Bar Pub Crveni petao

On 21st April Seavus will talk code in Novi Sad, Serbia - 2 great speakers, 2 great talks - both of them technical and practical, humorous and inspirational. Join the CodeTalks audience and reserve your seat now!


1. Opening of the CodeTalks


2. “Fake Mocking Dummy” by Wekoslav Stefanovski

Ok, we're gonna test our code. Let's get started. Oh no, this part is connected to that part, and that part is using that other part over there, and that is using the database, and this is connected through a web-service to a zillion other services and modules and components and thingamajigs...

Ok, let's start over. We need to somehow isolate the code we ARE testing, from the code we are NOT testing. And how do we do that?

There's a question with no correct answer, but there are several techniques that will help us reach our holy grail - a completely isolated and reproducible test that can fail and succeed in a single manner verifying that our perfect code works ferpectly. This presentation will go over several of the so called "test-double" objects that enable us to reach the goal of code isolation, along with some real-world advice when to use what, and why.


3. “JavaScript SPA testing with Karma and Jasmine” by Marko Ilic

Web applications become more complex every day and large portions of logic are moved to the client side - in JavaScript. Well-structured and modular JavaScript code is crucial for building a good and maintainable application. Establishing unit tests in the process of development forces developers to write better (testable) code.  It is great for new projects written from scratch but what to do with existing projects where unit test were not written? Well, unit tests can be a great help in refactoring of your existing project.

To be able to perform unit tests we need a set of tools. There are a lot of tools and some of them are really great. One of them is Karma test runner developed by the AngularJS team. Karma enables us to test the code on real browsers and real devices such as phones, tablets or on a headless PhantomJS instance. A second tool often used together with Karma is Jasmine. Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. It does not depend on any other JavaScript frameworks, and it has a clean, obvious syntax which will let you write tests easily.


4. TheLionTalk

Panel with the presenters and guest participants + questions from the audience.


Wekoslav Stefanovski 

Wekoslav Stefanovski has over a decade of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using C# since the first public beta and has a long and loving relationship with it. Has been using JavaScript since before the turn of the century and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it.

Currently works at Seavus as a Senior Developer. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis and code quality metrics. He likes making better programs and better programmers.


Marko Ilic

Marko Ilic has more than 7 years of experience with web technologies and have been worked on many PHP and some Python projects often as full-stack developer. His first choice will always be PHP, but in last several years he is switching between PHP and JavaScript projects. Currently, he works at Seavus as a Senior Developer.

Fun Time

Fun Time

Seavus people having fun doing what they do.



The part of our Seavus life that everybody loves! We love to party and have fun that’s why we have the best parties. We often pick a date for occasional hangout in our yard for a fun time spent with our colleagues and some good music.

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We always challenge each other in all kinds of activities, whether it is (our well known) ping pong tournaments, playstation game or work!

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Game lounge

We are hard-working and dedicated, but that always can be followed by some free time in our Game Lounge, where our colleagues can play Play Station games, watch their favourite TV series in our mini cinema, play billiard.

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SeavusLife Events

We create unique themed events such as Garden day, Movember day, Healthy Food Day, hug a programmer’s day, and many more. These imaginative events make a huge impact in our corporate culture and bring our people together.

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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

You're a team player


1. You like facing challenges

Especially in a company where innovation and development rule! You will definitely find it challenging working in Seavus. Many puzzles and problems are waiting to be solved so you won’t manage to find your job boring. Your new role will be facing challenges and make every day different. This is how your experience will grow.

2. Rewards and satisfaction

Working on a project that will be successfully completed, on time and beyond the clients expectation’s is a true reward. The satisfaction of feeling the success in your hands is the greatest reward of all! Ok, it also creates a high self-esteem situation. Not bad at all.

3. The geeks community

You are a geek and you finally found a place where you can be yourself. By the way, you will get paid for it. And yes, you will work with other geeks as well. Perfect environment.

4. You're a team player

Let’s just place here a quote by Frank Wales: “Coding itself is a very collaborative process; continuously reviewing and redefining code with others helps you to shake out bugs, makes your work more likely to meet users' needs and is one of the best ways to learn. Developers therefore need to enjoy working together and should be prepared to study, critique and improve one another's work”.

5. We party a lot!

Yes we do! You will meet a lot of colleagues from other departments on a party pretty soon as you will start working. We love to have parties and we organize them all the time. Trust us, you will start asking when the next party will be.