What it looks like to work as a DevOps engineer at Seavus?

Seavus is planning to create the biggest DevOps hub in the region, and we had the opportunity to speak with Eugeniu Agache, Senior DevOps Engineer, about the projects they do, the technologies they use and what it looks like to work as DevOps for a company like Seavus.

What does it mean to be part of the Seavus DevOps team? What kind of projects do you work on?

- Hi, my name is Eugeniu Agache and I’m a Senior DevOps Engineer in Seavus Moldova. Seavus is part of ARICOMA group, an international holding that provides a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from ICT architecture design, infrastructure and cloud services, and the implementation of enterprise management applications to the development of proprietary extensive software solutions and outsourcing

I’m happy to be a part of Seavus team, because it means to me to work with talented and professional colleagues in complex projects, for large EU clients in the field of telecom, banking and healthcare. As a member of the DevOps team, I participate in the design, development and implementation of automation, IaC and software delivery solutions for the company's customers, using the newest and most modern tools and applications in the field. Each project requires an individual approach, and the tasks of a DevOps engineer are often challenging and require a quick resolution, but together with our teammates we always find a solution that meets the client's requirements in the most efficient way.

What kind of DevOps and Cloud technologies do you work with?

- A successful DevOps engineer must have knowledge and experience in several IT areas, such as Networking, Cloud, Security, Containers, Monitoring, Version control systems and more. In the current projects we use several modern tools and technologies in the field of software development and DevOps, among which I would mention: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, Terraform, Terragrunt, GitlabCI, Flux, Jenkins, Artifactory, Elastisearch, Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana, Amazon Web Services. I would like to point out that the IT field, as well as the DevOps branch, is developing very fast, and new tools appear almost weekly, so it is important to be adaptable to changes and always ready to study a new technology, tool or framework.

Seavus is present in Moldova for a year and the team has grown with more than 20 people. What kind of team do you work with?

- That's correct, at the moment there are over 20 people in the Seavus Moldova team, who are part of multinational teams and projects. Due to the exceptional culture inside the company, onboarding and integration in projects takes place easily, in a friendly atmosphere and receiving all the necessary support from more experienced colleagues on the project. Cultural diversity in the company is an advantage for me, because in this way we can combine different visions and approaches to quickly and efficiently solve the challenges on the projects.

Seavus promotes the values ​​of work-life balance, offering gym memberships, yoga and aerobics classes, organizing offline events for employees and promoting employee participation in various social events. Employee professional development is another goal for the company, providing access to modern E-learning platforms and supporting participation in specialized conferences and meetups.

Communication at offline events with colleagues from Moldova is always a pleasure for me, it’s time spent with talented, open people who share the same interests and values. Likewise, within the DevOps team we regularly organize online events for off-the-job discussions and the sharing of personal ideas or recent experiences. All of the above make me feel in a company suitable for my professional and personal development.

Have a great day ahead and „may the force be with you”! :)

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