Tips for successful recruiters – the job of the future!

Recruiters should enable potential new employees to experience the company as a chance that should not be missed, regarding team work, opportunities and workspace.

A truly successful recruitment strategy for new employees involves the entire team of the company, as well as a few aspects that may not be expected in the process. Few simple recruitment tips significant for attraction of top talents are necessary to be applied in order better demystification of the procedure.

The process of selection of suitable candidate is influenced by several factors, among which recruitment sources (method and tools through which the candidates are searched and selected), promotion of recommendations by the company’s employees, as well as experience and preferences of candidates over the needs of the company.

In addition, quality should be valued over quantity, to present strong proposition about the valued of employees – recruiters should think as marketers and authentically retell the story of the brand they represent. The recruiter should present the company culture and work terms. Nowadays, the trend is to offer remote work, emphasize the diversity and inclusivity of the companies as a value. It is important to be clear regarding the offer – demand and offer, as well as to have a plant of steps upon interview, in order the candidate to be clear what to expect.

The opportunities in the IT sector are enormous, having in consideration the companies operating in this areas. The problem with recruiting new employees is that there is a great demand in the labor market for profiles in this industry, so there should be a good reason why someone would want to work at Seavus.

“The responsibility of assessing the capacity and quality of a potential candidate for a company is enormous. That is why recruiters are of great importance in the process of interviewing, profiling and deciding on the employment of potential candidates, because they need to invest, above all, their personal skills, experience in the company and life experience, so that they can further stand behind their decision that some candidate is suitable for current needs. Because, at Seavus we work hard and want to maintain the corporate culture and cooperation, the biggest challenge is to find professionals who will identify with the company and experience it as an environment in which they want to grow their career. All communication and organization in respect to interviewing, technical and non-technical testing, customer interviews, negotiations, as well as finding a suitable allocation for the candidate for open positions (because it is usually more than one), "lies" in the ability of the recruiter to be identified, both with the candidate and the company, so a successful cooperation to be achieved between the two parties", says Marija Papadinova Stankikj, Senior Recruiter in Seavus.

Maria explained us that at Seavus, due to their global prevalence and presence, they are accustomed to operate in a virtual environment both with each other, as well as with customers located all around the world: “What is the biggest challenge in everyday communication is what causes difficulties in recruitment today: virtually to be transferred what we actually “live” at Seavus, and that is direct, immediate, open approach to each character or idea, readiness for any type of communication, and most important, constant cooperation and support, regardless the years of experience inside or outside the company. On the other hand, face-to-face meetings are indispensable when you need to feel the energy, spirit and hard work of each candidate, that, irrespective, the candidate is aware or not, inevitably affect the first impression of how the candidate would fit in with other teams of the company”.

The recruitment in IT industry is dynamic, variable, and innovative profession that requires consistent modification and finding different ways of approach of each candidate individually. The “top shop” recruitment approach shall not enable desired results.

“A lot of time should be invested in adjusting the approach of each candidate, in order effectively and efficiently use the one hour that we have with the candidate in the first interview. That is why we want to be remembered and to leave the impression of professionals with whom the candidate would like to spend eight hours during the day. Candidates should see us, recruiters as a new chance, a new challenge, and new opportunity. Our task is to challenge them to think about change. Whether it is an interesting set of technologies, a growing sector, a challenging set of responsibilities or the advantages of Seavus as a stable, versatile and fast-adapting company, it has always been important to the candidates how it would be an advantage in respect to what they already have," says Marija Papadinova Stankikj.

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