Through Seavus' new talent program to hiring successful recruiters

Seavus, an international software development company that is part of the Aricoma Group, has announced its first Recruitment talent program. This talent program will enable the applicants to learn directly from the highly qualified Seavus experts how to recruit the best technical talent and build a network of qualified candidates, and the aim of the program is to employ the most potential candidates, with best results, in Seavus.

Via Seavus's novel talent program to hiring successful recruiters 

Seavus, an international software development company that is part of the Aricoma Group, has announced its one-of-a-kind Recruitment talent program. This talent program will allow the potential students to apprehend the best practices and know-how of recruiting the best Information Technology talents, as well as build networks of qualified employment candidates, trained firsthand by the highly qualified recruitment experts from Seavus. This program aims at offering employment opportunities in Seavus, to the candidates who will demonstrate the greatest potential and the best results in the course of the program. 

The demand for qualified technical recruiters has never been greater. This is why the program is tailored to beginners, who do not possess any special knowledge or experience in the field of recruitment in the IT industry but still have the desire to build a career within it. This is a great reason interested candidates should enroll in the program, and take this opportunity to acquire the domain skillset, as well as get the possibility to join, one of the most experienced recruitment teams - the Seavus team.

The realization of the Recruitment Talent Program is planned for May 2022 and will be conducted over 3 weeks, 5 days a week, in daily lectures of 4 hours each, including theoretical, interactive, and practical curriculum; under the direct mentorship and supervision of Seavus experts. The interested candidates can apply until the 15th of April 2022. 

For the features of the program, on this occasion, we are talking to Marija Trajkovska, recruitment manager at Seavus.

Could you please give us more information on your role in the realization of the company's Recruitment Talent Program?

My particular role in the recruitment talent program is the creation, design, and realization of the program, with the help of some of the more experienced members of the recruitment team. The structure of the curriculum, the content of the lectures, and the practical assignments are assembled on basis of the experience that my team and I have acquired as technical recruiters over the years. Of course, the education process doesn't stop here. The candidates who will complete this program with exceptional results will continue expanding their careers under my and the mentorship and direct supervision of other recruiters in Seavus, as members of an extremely valuable team of experts. 

While tailoring this program, I was initially inspired by my own story in Seavus. I started my career with the company as an intern. Working in the IT industry, in the sector of employment was my real passion, but apart from the desire and the experience of working with people, I had no specific domain knowledge or practical experience in the field of recruitment. Seavus allowed me the opportunity to learn, grow, and further expand the realization of my ideas in the process of recruiting new employees. I have been part of Seavus for 15 years and what I can tell is that each year is different from the one before. We are constantly learning new things and enhancing ourselves. We are part of an extremely dynamic and everchanging industry, so the latest trends on the market have to be observed, not just in the field of technology but also in the field of corporate services, in which the team of recruitment and employee selection belongs.

What type of knowledge and skills is expected of the candidates to acquire in the course of the program?

The candidates will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends of the recruitment process in the IT industry, detailed employment strategy, social networks, recruitment tools, segmentation and profiling of potential candidates, access to candidates, building networks of qualified profiles, interviewing techniques, negotiation skills and candidates' employment. Generally speaking, they will have the opportunity to learn the complete recruitment process from scratch till the end.

Can you tell us something more about the types of training you offer, and what does the process look like?

Over the years, Seavus has implemented numerous talent programs, but the focus has always been on building IT expert profiles. This year for the first time, we are realizing this for a corporate domain, such as Recruitment. 

The process of enrollment is very simple. Upon application, the eligible candidates will have a brief telephone screening and undergo a specialized testing process. The selected candidates will become attendants on the talent program free of charge. After completing it, the candidates showing the best results will get an employment opportunity. 

The advertisement is open to all enthusiasts who would like to develop their careers in the field of Recruitment or become part of the Seavus Recruitment team in the IT industry domain. 

Recruitment is a distinctive professional vocation and is usually done by professionals who would prefer daily communication with a variety of people, have a desire for research/investigation and analysis, as well as seek a dynamic working atmosphere with a diverse focus. Successful specialists in this profession require traits, such as exceptional communication skills, openness, adaptability, curiosity, perseverance, patience, and persuasion.

What would you recommend to people who are hesitant to join the Recruitment Talent Program and why they should do it?

The rise and expansion of the IT industry, as well as the constant demand for IT experts, are at an all-time high. This trend will continue in the near future as well. This reality sat the Recruitment specialists on a pedestal. Becoming a professional in one of the most sought-after job positions today gives a great opportunity of building a successful career. This professional specialization entails exquisite career development, advancement, growth, unlimited learning opportunities, creativity, innovation, meeting new people, exciting challenges, and most importantly - bringing a positive impact to other people's lives.