Seavus’s Embedded Division will be working for one of the largest auto parts manufacturers worldwide

We talked with the team members of our Embedded Division about some of the most important issues regarding the development and the future of embedded systems, with a special focus on the automotive industry. 

Seavus offers a wide range of software products, solutions and services, including embedded development and programming. By working on various projects, and thanks to their long-standing experience in developing practical systems, Seavus’s employees have acquired a broad expertise in many domains of embedded hardware and software development. The company’s approach to embedded systems is based on the standards of robustness, security and absolute stability, in which hardware and software can coexist in perfect synergy.

The team members of Seavus’s Embedded Division discuss some of the most important issues regarding the development and the future of embedded systems, with a special focus on the automotive industry.

You are putting together an embedded team that will be working for one of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry. Can you tell us more about this? What challenges will this team be facing on a daily basis?

The client we are talking about is a large-scale original equipment manufacturer that produces auto parts for the majority of the world’s leading car manufacturers, including BMW and Mercedes; a client with a rich portfolio of products that can be built into all car classes, from small city cars to luxury cars. Our team will be responsible for developing a software package that will allow for new components to be integrated into the cars and to work side by side with the components prebuilt by the manufacturer. We will be involved in all the stages of the development process, identifying and monitoring the requirements and their specifications, developing the software, and verifying the fulfillment of the requirements. 

The team will consist of embedded engineers with a different level of expertise. In addition to embedded experts, who will be assigned to the positions of Technical Leads and Senior Developers, less experienced embedded engineers will also be included and given the opportunity to gain expertise in the field of automotive industry. Before delivering the solution to the client, our QA engineers will ensure everything has been handled with utmost quality and confidentiality. A Technical Project Manager will coordinate the entire process and will be responsible for the timely delivery.  

What kind of engineers are you looking for? Is it necessary that they have experience in the automotive industry?

Experience in the automotive industry will certainly be considered an advantage. However, we also encourage applications from engineers who find this field challenging but haven’t had the chance to work in it. The minimum qualifications include great command of the embedded technologies, ability to develop software for embedded devices using the C language, and at least three years of experience on commercial projects. Candidates with experience in developing software that includes control loops, PID control, BLDC motor control, and technologies used in the automotive industry (CAN bus, AUTOSAR, functional safety) will be given preference.

What does it look like to be part of Seavus’s Embedded Division? 

The Embedded Division is one of Seavus’s oldest divisions and also the largest division of this kind in Macedonia. We have multiple locations, and we work with international clients. What makes our work unique and different from that of other divisions and teams is the combination of developing hardware on the one hand and programming and testing it on the other. Thanks to our long-standing experience and competence, we have been able to work with renowned clients from the automotive industry, such as Rimac, Man, Volvo, and ThyssenKrupp, who feel absolutely confident to entrust our teams with one of their most demanding projects. This division offers embedded developers an opportunity for individual growth, continuous learning, support from more experienced team members, and direct communication with the clients. Our human resources are our most valuable asset. Therefore, we aim to provide our employees with a great working environment and opportunities for their professional and personal growth. 

We want to invite all our developers who are interested in joining the team to send in their application. Do not miss the chance to take part in this project and gain expertise in the field of automotive industry.  

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