Seavus in Moldova: new jobs and opportunities for IT-specialists

Seavus, an international software development and consulting company, has opened its office in Chisinau and is planning to expand by signing up qualified and experienced Moldavian specialists.

Their tasks in Seavus will be software product development and IS for different industries and customers worldwide and implementation of innovative business solutions.

Moldova has become the eighth country where Seavus offers job opportunities and challenging projects for talented IT specialists.

Dejan Petreski, COO, Seavus Group:

"Every time we decide on a new country, which could become a part of Seavus’s story, we hold firmly to the belief that local bright minds are the key recipe of success. The current ICT pool of experts along with the good infrastructure and quality of new graduates from the Technical University and IT Park in Moldova,- all these make Chisinau a good place for us to invest and to continue our growth."

Seavus specializes in the development of SW, BSS/OSS, CRM, CEM, customized business and BI solutions, ALM, embedded systems, mobile and game apps, providing managed and consulting services and recruitment.

The history of the company dates back to 1999. Today it is a multinational company which maintains successful business relations with global telcos, banking and financing organizations, electronic manufacturers. Seavus portfolio includes 4000 clients, among those Bosch, Cardlay, Bank of New York Mellon, Globalstar Inc, Sunrise, A1, Tele 2 и TDC. The company enhances partnership with such IT-giants as Oracle, Microsoft (Gold Partner), AWS, Atlassian, ISQTB, Salesforce.

From 2020 Seavus has been part of ARICOMA Group — major ICT-holding in the Czech Republic. Companies, which constitute the group, provide a wide spectrum of services, ranging from SW architecture design to the development of own software solutions and outsourcing.

What fosters Seavus’s success is continuous evolution, which consists in on-going development and implementation of innovations, widening expertise and training of employees, conservation of existing values and creation new ones. It allows the company to offer top notch solutions to its customers and to create better working conditions for its employees.

Dejan Petreski, COO, Seavus Group:

"It is essential and crucial to be efficient and effective when it comes to following trends and technologies. Seavus follows the market and at the same time works with companies that deliver innovations.

Our people are embracing the possibilities to work with the cutting edge technologies by working not only on new innovations delivered to clients, but also as part of our Digital Lab Department and the internal Open Project community, which focuses on development of training grounds to effectively tackle and discover new frameworks and technologies.

This allows employees to learn and get familiar with technologies that are becoming key to being innovative and competitive as part of one of the essential tools to challenge new concepts and ideas."

Olivera Tevceva, HR Manager, Seavus Group:

"The company annually organizes conferences, training, workshop, and certifications annually, employing a wide variety of training providers globally. Seavus additionally initiated a technology-related educational hub, which for years now has been a very successful independent commercial training provider, called Seavus Educational and Development Center (SEDC), uninterruptedly offering commercial academies and training programs in Software Development, Design, Project Management, Scrum and Agile Methodologies, as well as Prometric and VUE Certifications."

As of today the company numbers over 800 IT-specialists from 8 countries: Sweden, Маcedonia, Serbia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the USA, Switzerland, now Moldova. Thanks to that Seavus alongside working with leading companies offers its employees a unique opportunity to share experience, knowledge and technologies with experts from different countries of the world.

"Being a part of the multinational company means multicultural experience of talented IT experts, sharing ideas and working alongside on daily base with people from Seavus, not only with clients, is what makes work interesting and challenging. We inspire and promote diversity on a wide variety of levels in our company, such as technology pools, divisions and departments, teams, projects."

Work in Seavus is based on the principle that providing good working conditions for employees, work and rest balance is crucial to create a healthy, motivating environment that attracts talents.

Olivera Tevceva, HR Manager, Seavus Group:

"We offer all our employees remote work, flexible working time and breaks, flexible vacation plans, welcome packages, anniversary rewards, sports benefits. We love to run marathons globally, we have Football and Futsal leagues.

One of the aspects of our corporate life is social events, gatherings, bondings, and parties both in physical and virtual settings. HR department of our company, supports social and bonding events in the form of Team Building meetings, organized as a 2-day event with an agenda and program, targeting different team challenges and needs."

Currently Seavus is looking for specialists in Moldova, who are eager to become part of the company and successfully enter the international IT-market.

Olivera Tevceva, HR Manager, Seavus Group:

"The Culture in our company rests on trust and respect. We value each employee. Based on our values, Seavus employee is a person, a team player, willing to grow professionally, who is flexible and reliable. Excellence is something that it’s important for us, meaning that you deliver more than is expected of you. We enjoy working with people who think outside the box, who are open to changes and new experiences. People who are eager to take action and are self-organized and self-reliant. These skills define the Seavus people, and our Seavus way of life."

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