Seavus implements a unique talent program for employment and career development

(Skopje, 28.09.2021) – ITOSE Talent program is a unique program for employment and career development that the software company Seavus is implementing for the sixth time

By attending a tailor-made talent program, applicants are trained to begin careers as IT operations and support engineers. The acquired knowledge in this sector enables long-term career growth and space for additional development at the expert level.

"This is a truly unique program designed to effectively develop skills and through an interactive approach to encourage applicants' creativity in the independent development of IT solutions. Participants in a very short period of time develop knowledge and skills at the level of professionals and experts. In this effect of the program, we are assured of the experience we have so far with participants who, after completing the program, continued their career and development path in our company, said Gligor Dobrivojevski, Technology Line Manager for Managed Services from Seavus.

The program introduces participants to the operational processes and the basics of IT operations and support according to ITIL standardization, basics of Linux and Windows operating systems, introduction to cloud computing, administration and maintenance of MS SQL or Oracle servers, Shell and Powershell-scripting and introduction to IT security. In the educational process, participants are led by Seavus IT experts.

The program is conducted over a period of 5 weeks, with eight-hour lectures that include interactive and practical classes. Upon completion of the talent program, applicants who have excelled in success and proven their skills will have the opportunity to become part of the Seavus team.

The application for the program is in progress and all those interested can apply at the following link where more information is available.