Seavus expands offices in Belarus and Poland

What are Seavus’s plans for future growth of its offices in Brest and Minsk? Where do employees prefer to work – at home or in the office that has a view to Zybistkaya street?

Why did Seavus open an office in Poland? These and other questions will be answered in our interview with Alaksandar Salajka, Managing Director of Seavus in Belarus.

Can you tell us a little more about your offices in Belarus in terms of teams and projects?

- "Seavus started its work in Belarus long ago – back in 2007, when we obtained a two-digit registration number in the High-Tech Park. The first office was opened in Minsk and later on, in 2017, we expanded our presence to Brest. When it comes to the technologies, the teams in Minsk consist primarily of the .NET, Java, Frontend, Embedded developers, QA Engineers and Applications Operations Engineers.

The story about the Brest office started right after a successful Java CodeTalks event that was organized there. Therefore, our office in Brest became mostly a Java hub."

How about new job opportunities? Do you plan to increase the number of employees?

- "As for recruitment, the majority of IT companies have to follow the advice of Lewis Carroll’s queen in “Through the Looking-Glass”: “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”. We are all in a situation where you cannot have too many good engineers. We always need more. As I mentioned, the Brest office was established as a Java hub; however, we also have open vacancies there on other technologies including, in particular, .NET, Frontend, QA, Embedded, Salesforce, and others. Our offices in Brest and Minsk are in great locations. The “Celsius” business center in Brest is close to the Brest Fortress, and the “Verkhny Gorad” business center in Minsk is next to the Zero Kilometer sign. However, since the start of the COVID pandemics in 2020 the company has moved to a hybrid model, according to which our employees are free to choose whether they will work from the office, home, or some other location. This model created new opportunities for us to offer employment to residents of any other town of Belarus. Some of the current employees have also used it and temporarily moved out of Minsk to their native towns. Even when the pandemic is over, our plan is to keep this hybrid model of employment in the future."

What is your company's approach to career development

- "When I was just about to join Seavus, I was asked the following question during an interview: “Why did you choose Seavus? What did you like about Seavus at first glance?” My answer was: “I think Seavus is big enough to provide a lot of opportunities to learn and develop professionally. At the same time, it is compact enough for an employee to receive a personalized experience and not get lost in a huge system.” To this day, my assumption has been confirmed as correct, and this principle fully applies to the career development opportunities for all employees in Seavus. If you join the company as a junior, you will get mentorship and assistance to get smoothly into real-life projects. For the senior developers, there are not only various training opportunities but it is also possible to act as speakers at the CodeTalks events that Seavus organizes regularly both online and offline. For those who have just joined the company or are in a transition between commercial projects, we have special internal open projects that can help them learn new technologies and continue professional development without interruptions."

What does being part of Aricoma Group mean for your company?

- "At the end of 2020, Seavus joined Aricoma Group - a big pan-European IT group. With this acquisition, Seavus laid the foundation for further expansion to the EU markets beyond the Scandinavian region, where our positions were already traditionally strong. Additionally, now we have opportunities for cooperation and joint projects with companies that are also members of the Aricoma group, in countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Given that Aricoma Group has strategic plans to continue acquisitions in the IT sectors in other EU countries, we believe that the network of Seavus partners of IT companies will also grow. This will create new opportunities for our employees in exchanging professional experience with their peers even beyond the 10 countries where Seavus offices are already established."

You have recently opened a new office in Poland. Can you tell us a little more about what that means for your company and employees?

- "In spite of the problems caused by the pandemics, Seavus continues to open offices in new countries. In 2020 Seavus Group expanded its presence to Moldova, and in 2021 we opened our 16th office in Poland. When selecting a country to open an office in, we always do a “home task” to make sure that we can source enough IT talents for the development of the new Seavus office. In the case of Poland, we discovered that really vibrant IT hubs exist in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk that seemed to have a growing concentration of IT specialists. This fact strengthened our desire to repeat the success of the newly established, fast-growing Moldova in Poland. In Poland, Seavus Group is also starting from a completely remote model that allows working from any city. It is always better to pave the road where people have naturally started walking or driving. Similarly, Seavus will wait to see which cities will have the biggest number of employees before deciding on the location of the future physical offices. I am confident that the Seavus office in Poland will quickly grow and help Seavus Group expand its presence in the EU market."