Seavus’ corporate culture is based on constant progress, learning and acquiring new skills

Seavus’ customers are able to sense the value of working with trained and experienced professionals, as well as the opportunity to be part of a closely connected team that is ready to provide services and always respond to the requirements of each client.

Erdem Ali, Senior Project Manager for Embedded Technologies at Seavus, explains the biggest trends in the Embedded industry.

"Embedded systems are typically a combination of hardware and software. With the new technological revolution in these systems, devices are becoming more innovative in design and every day more and more industries with their products and services rely on embedded systems. Reaching the heights of technological trends, embedded devices have also begun to fit into different sectors. "Some trends that strongly affect the embedded field are now concentrated around the automotive industry, healthcare, IoT security, artificial intelligence in industrial applications, etc."

Erdem points out that with the advancement of AI, technology is becoming an important component in the future of transport. "With vehicle electrification and autonomous driving, the automotive industry is pushing the boundaries more and more. Recent technologies use embedded AI algorithms and a number of sensors to monitor vehicle performance. The myriad of systems needed to create this reality and the communication between them will introduce embedded developers to work in a complex system. "It will put even more focus on testing and code quality," – said Ali.

According to him, the Internet of Things remains a top trend in the industry, and because many activities take place remotely and are digital and connected, the problems of IoT Security will only increase. Another trend is the rapid development of artificial intelligence used in industrial applications. "Industries will continue to incorporate intelligence capabilities into System-on-Chip solutions and Internet-connected devices to provide predictable equipment maintenance, increased operational efficiency, improved products and services, and increased risk management," Erdem explained.

"The experience that our Embedded Division colleagues gain from these projects is invaluable and moves their careers forward, along with the ongoing process of training and development of skills." 

In terms of projects, including the provision of IoT devices and smart home appliances, the Senior Project Manager for Embedded points out what the future holds for IoT security. "The use of IoT devices at home has increased significantly. We have connected gadgets everywhere, and with them come security risks as well. IoT security is a technology field that provides solutions to protect smart devices, networks, other connected devices, and centralized user centers from unwanted manipulation. "The remote work brought about by the pandemic has exacerbated the security vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, especially as operations become more remote, often because workers do not have adequate security built into home networks and connected devices," – clarified Erdem.

Seavus assists customers in the business transformation process. Erdem explains how it is possible to influence the customers’ business transformation in the Embedded industry - the automotive industry and mobile applications.

"Over the years, Seavus has helped many companies in the process of transforming their business. Some of those companies were from the Embedded industry. We helped them by building and operating development centers and teams that help strengthen the client development team and bring high quality value to the project delivery service to end users. We have helped companies in the mobile device industry by providing outsourced development and testing services. Areas where we helped were: System architecture design and functionalities, software design and development, quality assurance, configuration management, creating technical documentation, providing customer support, implementing customer requirements, etc., " specified Ali.

Seavus's motto is Move your life, with the idea of encouraging those who want to apply for a job in the Embedded department. Erdem explains how Seavus helps employees move their careers forward. "Our Embedded C, C ++ developers and QA engineers work on challenging state-of-the-art projects for world-renowned automotive clients, mobile platform / device manufacturers, multimedia system-on-chip manufacturers, etc. The experience that our Embedded Division colleagues gain from these projects is invaluable and moves their careers forward, along with the ongoing process of training and development of skills. "Additionally, for FEEIT students, there is an opportunity to quickly follow their careers by visiting the Embedded Summer School, where they are educated about embedded technologies through practical approaches," specified Erdem Ali.

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