Seavus Banja Luka Open Day

Our Seavus office in Banja Luka will be organizing an Open Day for all people interested in knowing who we are, how we work and the current open job positions

The Open Day will be held on June 15th at 5 PM. Following all pandemic measures, the event will be held in the garden of Koncept bar i restoran Bajka.

During this event, we will showcase how our Dev team functions, what are their main responsibilities, challenges the team was facing during the projects, lessons learned, and how the team managed to increase the focus and motivation of the team with recognition. Our hosts are Senior software developers who will show you the principles of project management and product delivery strategy, and professional scrum master in the action. This is a unique opportunity to meet our employees and talk about their experience and understand how you can grow your career within Seavus.

What you can expect during this event:

  • Get to know the team, company, and company culture
  • A showcase on how the Dev team works
  • Presentation of the ongoing and future projects and technologies we use
  • Friendly conversation with the company's experts
  • Gain a closer picture of the team and atmosphere in Seavus
  • Hear more about open job positions
  • Socializing and refreshments

We encourage both technical engineers and business people to join us at the event, learn Seavus’ approach and share their experiences.

Location: Koncept bar i restoran Bajka

Date: 15.06

Time: 5 PM

Entrance: Free

Hope to see you and get to know you better on June 15th at Koncept bar i restoran Bajka.

Drinks are on the house!