Projects, work principles, daily challenges – Work at Seavus’ Banja Luka office

From our interview with Miroslav Popović – Technical Lead, and Tihomir Budić – Senior Developer, you will get an overview of how our dynamic team in Banja Luka function, what common challenges they face while working in Seavus, and what should programmers expect by joining Seavus.

How did remote work affect your daily activities, including both your work and personal life?

Miroslav Popović: For me personally, I’m much more productive when working remote. Before Seavus, I was working remote for quite some time, so I guess I’m used to that. Working remote also means that I don’t need to commute to work. That’s another hour to hour and a half of time I can spend on other activities.

On the other hand, this also means less time to hang out with colleagues in person, validate assumptions and exchange ideas. Hybrid work in the future should help us find a balance between these extremes.

Tihomir Budić: The distributed workplace of the future is now, and for me personally, this situation prolongs my engagement at work.


We share our knowledge without second thoughts and understand that the knowledge transfer is always a two-way street. - Miroslav Popović, Technical Lead


As a Seavus team member, what does it mean to work on nearshoring projects?

Miroslav Popović: It’s great to have an opportunity to work on various types of projects and various domains. I was never a fan of gaining deep knowledge and doing development in a single domain. As developers, our domain is software development, so my preference would be more towards an expert in development, as opposed to a domain expert. However, not everybody shares my opinion, and luckily, within Seavus we have a choice. For people preferring domain expertise, there are domain specific divisions, like banking and telecom. For others, there are technology divisions, like Oracle and Microsoft.

Besides domains, there’s an opportunity to try various technologies. In the last four years, I have been playing with various platforms, from desktop, through web and mobile, from monolithic to microservice architectures, from server to cloud hosted services, and simple build-and-deploy scenarios through full CI/CD pipelines.

And finally, there are clients. We have the chance to delve into the problems they face and receive gratitude for a job well done. New client projects also mean new teams. I had the pleasure of working with a lot of great people, both inside and outside of Seavus.

How does your team function? What are your basic principles of work?

Miroslav Popović: The answer to this question will probably be different for all team members. There is no principle set in stone (other than conventions that I enforce! 😊. We try to keep a stressless environment and help each other out. The humor flows through our regular communication. Of course, we have a professional attitude toward clients, but we always try to break the ice and keep a relaxed atmosphere.

Tihomir Budić: Trust can be defined as a social glue. The basic principle of our successful engagement is trust. In our company we have a trustworthy leader, aka the Seavus Camel or Our Team Lead Miroslav Popović. Seavus’ Camel works hard to show good leadership, worries about people as human beings, taking care about how they feel and if they are okay, making sure we are having a productive day, etc.

What has been your biggest challenge while working for Seavus?

Miroslav Popović: That was probably seeing myself as part of the bigger team. It took me a while to get used to working with a lot of people, as for the most of my career, I was an individual developer or working with a very small team. At first, I was careful when expressing my opinions and sharing my thoughts, but I soon realized that projects and teams can be improved drastically if we have great in-team communication and when team members complement each other.

Tihomir Budić: The dynamics of work create everyday challenges for us. To the extremely complex process request of the client, we responded with an operationally simple information platform and spent 25% less of the planned time.

What should programmers expect by joining Seavus? (In terms of team work and projects)

Miroslav Popović: A relaxed atmosphere, and minimal or no pressure at all. When there are obstacles, we will work on removing them as a team. Our colleagues are here to help us, and we are here to help them.

We share our knowledge without second thoughts and understand that the knowledge transfer is always a two-way street.

For the greenfield projects that we start from scratch, we’ll always choose the latest possible technology, and even cross the boundaries of our current knowledge, since that helps us learn new things and grow. For brownfield projects that we inherit, we analyze them and try to come up with an upgrade and improvement strategy to present to the client. We strive to be consultants for our clients, to bring them better value in the long-term, but also to avoid ourselves being stuck in legacy code and obsolete technology with no chance of improvement.



Trust can be defined as a social glue. The basic principle of our successful engagement is trust. - Tihomir Budić, Senior Develope​r


Tihomir Budić:

Professional Well Being

In my engagements so far, I have met great people and hard workers, I "extract" knowledge from them every day, and I am very motivated in my work. Therefore, I think that anyone with this mindset who joins Seavus would be honored to be part of these teams. If you are interested in getting to know our team, hear more about the way they work and learn about current open job positions in our Banja Luka office, join us during the Open Day that will be held on June 15, at 17PM.