Olivera Gegovska, HR Manager: "Seavus is truly grateful for having so many people with high level of dedication"

Being part of Seavus means being part of a company that cares not just for the delivery on assignments, but much other versatile work and life aspect of the people, which have the flexibility to adapt the professional obligations with their private lives, knowing they belong to a huge and supportive international family. About the importance of human resources today, we discussed with Olivera Gegovska, HR Manager at Seavus.

How did Seavus managed through the pandemics of 2020, both in terms of financial results and in terms of the working conditions – switching to remote work as well as managing relations with the employees and clients?

The year 2020 was challenging for us, as for many other companies already. Initially, we were startled by the unpredictability, of the near future development holds, both for us and on a global scale too. The world rapidly changed in the way we communicate, plan our assignments, meet our clients and colleagues, as well as how we do our business in general. Even more so, when the security and the health of our valuable staff and the people around the world were in imminent threat, it was a no-brainer for us, that ensuring security and protection is of utmost priority, and we immediately declared work from home, as a corporate standard on a group level.

The switch to the remote setting was going really smooth for us, since this model of work was nothing novel, in the terms of how we handle business endeavors already, for many years before the pandemics. All the necessary equipment, processes, standards, and tools, which are to enable this type of approach, were set on their positions long before. Regardless of all the calamities globally, 2020 still was the best year for us, in terms of business opportunities. In addition to all this, the year 2020, was highly beneficial for us in terms of new significant milestones too. Seavus became part of Aricoma Group, the largest IT Holding in the Czech Republic, which is part of Karel Komarek’s KKCG.

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