Is it hard to find a job in the IT industry during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Renowned international software and consulting company Seavus is one of the most attractive employers for young and experienced IT professionals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major negative impact on the economic activity in our country and in the world. The labor markets are especially affected, with the emergence of increased unemployment and a decrease in new jobs. One of the key questions is how the labor force has reacted to this crisis in terms of seeking and starting new jobs.

Every company faces its own set of challenges, and in relation to that, will it retain its ongoing projects or will there be a need to reduce the number of employees? The pandemic has forced organizations, companies and people to quickly adapt to the new reality. An increasing number of people work from home and will continue to do so in the future.

In terms of the IT industry, the situation is a little different. Companies in this sector were similarly affected by Covid-19, but the increased digitalization while working from home has brought some benefits. Today, a big change is happening in many companies and organizations. Companies who have their own IT departments, during this period, are increasingly seeing the benefits of outsourcing their IT operations, both in terms of efficiency and security, and in terms of reducing costs.

The opportunities in the IT sector in Macedonia are huge, given the companies operating in this area. People are usually attracted to wages when looking for a job in the IT sector, but at the same time the company where they will work in is required to provide stability, to offer opportunities for progress, to have values with social impact and take care of the employees’ welfare, that is to say have a developed system of work-life balance.

The well-known international software and consulting company Seavus, which at the end of last year became part of the large Czech company Aricoma Group, is one of the oldest and most established IT companies in Macedonia. Seavus believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up new opportunities in the labor market, as it has significantly changed the image of everyday work. IT professionals quickly adapted to the challenge of working from home, and the world began to look for more and more digital solutions. This has contributed to the growth of this market and the opening of new opportunities. Is everyone ready to accept new challenges, is it difficult to find good staff in the IT industry?

"The challenge in recruiting new employees is that there is an increased demand for profiles from the IT industry in the labor market, so candidates are required to express high motivation as to why they would like to work in a particular company. The company needs to be attractive to attract potential new employees and to make them feel as if they have are part of a strong company behind a powerful international brand. "If the company is proactive in terms of employees, if it has interesting projects, and offers flexibility, you will have no problem attracting candidates," said Marija Trajkovska, Seavus’ Recruitment Manager.

According to Trajkovska, it is important for each candidate to want to be part of the corporate story and to experience the company as a place where he or she could grow and develop professionally, but also privately.

"We are not seen as a big bureaucratic company, but as a fun and attractive place to work in, both for more experienced IT professionals and for beginners who want to have a healthy start in the industry. Seavus offers employees the opportunity to advance in their career and that is an additional reason why we have a large number of interested candidates, especially for new projects or open projects under the Seavus Innovation Lab. The flexibility we offer for working from home has enabled us to significantly increase the cooperation with smaller IT companies and work on joint projects, as well as the opportunity to hire more candidates who work as freelancers. Today, as part of Aricoma, Seavus introduces additional standards and new international career opportunities.

In addition to new projects assigned to international teams, we now have the opportunity to cooperate with IT companies that are part of Aricoma Holding. Thus, at Seavus you can work on different projects from different industries, expertise, be part of an international environment with different cultures, with colleagues from Belarus, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Bosnia. It is this inclusiveness that gives additional motivation to the teams and is part of our way of working, the way of solving problems and the approach to clients and employees," added Marija Trajkovska.

Big brands bring big changes, and many of those changes are brought about by the IT industry. It is not difficult to find a job in this domain, but the challenge of every professional in this industry is to combine their personal challenges with the one offered by companies.