From our Telecom Platform Talent Program to a senior position in Seavus

Zoran Marinoski and Kristina Bozinovska, employees of Seavus’ Telecom Division, started their professional career right here in our Telecom Platform Talent Program.

The enrollment for Seavus’ upcoming Telecom Platform Talent Program, which starts at the beginning of March, is already under way. As part of thе program, the company organizes training in the field of telecommunication technologies. This year’s training will be held online and is intended for students and young professionals who want to pursue a career in technology and telecommunications.  

This program is a unique opportunity to gain professional development by learning from some of the best professionals in this field. Seavus’ Telecom Division has more than 250 experts, numerous successful projects under its belt, and over 20 years of experience in development and system integration of advanced telecom solutions. The training is intended for graduates and students enrolled in the last year of their studies in information and computer technologies, as well as for those who have some technical knowledge and want to expand it.  

The reason for the great interest in Seavus’ Talent Program is the fact that it offers an opportunity to gain rare expertise in one of the leading billing platforms. Seavus is in fact the only company in the Balkans that educates and employs staff with this kind of expertise. And as part of Seavus, these experts have the opportunity to work for some of the best telecom operators in Europe.        

We talked with Zoran Marinoski, an employee at Seavus’ Telecom Division, who started his professional career through this very program.

Tell us something more about yourself. How did you start your career in the IT sector?

- I’m a graduate engineer in electrical engineering and information technologies. After finishing my studies at FEIT (the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies in Skopje), I started looking for a job and applied to several companies. One of them was Seavus, which admitted me to their Telecom Talent Program. I successfully finished the training and started working as a junior developer. In the ten years I’ve been part of Seavus, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects for some of the largest telecom operators in the world. I’ve had some challenges but also many interesting moments with my colleagues. I’ve advanced through all the levels of the hierarchy, and the fact that I’m still here proves that I made the right decision to enroll in the Telecom Talent program.  

What would your advice be to those who are hesitant to enroll in Seavus’ Telecom Platform Talent program?  

- I think they shouldn’t hesitate. If you want to work in a pleasant atmosphere, be surrounded by positive colleagues, work for some of the best telecom operators, and enjoy all the benefits that Seavus offers, this program is the right place for you. 

Kristina Bozinovska, who also got a job in Seavus after finishing the Telecom Talent Program, talks about the knowledge and skills she gained there.

How did you benefit from the Telecom Talent Program?

- Not only did the Telecom Talent Program enable me to get a job in Seavus, but it also helped me expand my knowledge in a different direction. I got the opportunity to learn about a new system, about the way it works and all its background processes. This experience showed me in the most practical way that the goal of studying is not merely to earn a diploma but to become skilled in building a product that people will benefit from and that will facilitate their everyday life.  

The fact that I was surrounded by recent graduates, or students in their last year of studies, who share the same enthusiasm to progress and contribute to the common good was a great motivation for me. 

How did you deal with the challenge of working on significant projects in Seavus straight from graduation?

- What impressed me most when I first entered Seavus’ premises was the excellent working atmosphere that every employee would wish for. Here, everyone has the chance to contribute to the common goal, and everyone gives their best. I feel privileged to be working with such positive people who are self-motivated and dedicated to continuous improvement. These qualities can only serve as an inspiration and motivate us to learn and improve evermore. The hospitality and excellent approach of the senior colleagues is particularly important, as it helps newcomers learn faster and progress professionally. This was in fact the main factor that helped me deal with the challenge of working on serious projects in Seavus. In an environment where everyone has the same goal and works for the same interests, success is inevitable.       

All interested who wish to learn from the best and build a career in an industry that focuses on digitalization, 5G, and predictive analytics can apply on Seavus’ web page no later than 20 February 2022. After completing the program, the best candidates will get a chance to start their career as Junior Software Developers or Junior Test Engineers.