Day with Miodrag Cekic

Miodrag Cekic, our .Net Engineer, explained to us how one working day in Seavus looks like.

Being part of Seavus means affiliation to a big family of enthusiasts, professionals, and people taking care of each other. It is not just a company place, but an environment where you can feel the drive of each other's creativity and contribution to meaningful tech achievements following the team spirit and energy.


Starting the day with fresh coffee and a smile in the front yard is a great boost and mind preparation for the upcoming challenges and ideas which are part of our strive for technology utilization and constantly growing. Considering myself as a hyperactive person, the gym, pool, and table tennis are always the spots where I can take a breath, relax and re-calibrate for giving absolutely the best of me.


Even though the COVID 19 pandemic has entirely changed the world globally, WFH policy and activities are still in the context of following our dreams and spread our ideas remotely. In fact, that is why technology is so important. Nowadays we are using the full potential of it, making the coffee break and daily meetings and tech sessions online. It is not the same, but still, the smile and charm on a camera are more than enough.


These days we have the opportunity of working from home, but I grab the chance and define home as a lot of different locations. I love spending the days near a lake or somewhere deep in the mountain, so а remote office somewhere in nature is a must. During the working days, grabbing a beer after work and switching off the connection on the boat or in a tent after a day spent in front of the PC, becomes our new environment and reality. In fact, besides the physical distance, our daily activities and communication are still the key to keeping our focus and determination in making great things.

Stay focused, motivated, and enthusiastic. Cheers! 🍻