Beat yourself challenge – final results!

We came to the end of this amazing challenge!

Thank you to everyone for the participation in the Beat Yourself challenge. We are very proud of your succeeded results, the time and effort you invested.

They say that the body needs 21 days to create a new habit, so we hope that this 1 month challenge helped you to become more active and made a contribution to your healthy lifestyle.

Keep up the good spirit and do not stop challenging yourself!

Below are the final results from each category and, congratulations to everyone once again you really beat yourself with these amazing results!

Running 5km:
1. Mario Zefikj 18:56
2. Kristian Efremov 19:13
3. Jordancho Mitev 22:35

Running 21km:
1. Sasa Gacik 1:42:45
2. Marina Domazetovska 1:48:00

1. Misa Mitrev 233.31km
2. Borche Jankovski 210.33km
3. Ljube Bajraktarov 176.63km

1. Simona  Petrovska 555.27km
2. Filip Stevanovic 497.06 km
3. Dushan Stefanovski 490.06 km