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At Seavus, we work on developing services and focus on creating futureproof solutions that move businesses beyond success.
Internally speaking, we are focused on promoting and providing equal employment opportunity, gender diversity, work-life balance, corporate ethics, business culture, positive working environment, and safety.
The diverse and inclusive organizational structure is the key to our longstanding business success. We value our employees and maximize their potential, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or disability.
As a company, Seavus continually develops, promotes, and takes care of the employees’ knowledge, braveness, creativity, and accountability.

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Our people are the driving force and the greatest Seavus value. They are remarkable individuals that make us proud every day.

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Join a self-reliant, self-organized, responsible and accountable community of professionals that support each other by sharing knowledge, experiences and potential.



Seavus Code Talks are events where Seavus experts share their knowledge and know-how with the community.

The Code Talks are events for great information exchange for the development community, usually with two main speakers whose talks include both technical and practical information. The events usually end with a panel discussion called The Lion Talk. The audience asks questions that are answered on the panel.

Here you can find all the information’s about our Code Talks events. Come and join us at our next event or send us a suggestion for a topic you would like to hear our experts talk about in your town.

Write to us at , and tell us your suggestions.