How to build a successful IT career through Seavus ITOSE Talent Program?

The software company Seavus is kicking off its 6th ITOSE talent program for employment and career development, inviting everyone who wishes to start a career as an IT operations and support engineer.

Seavus, an international programming and consulting firm that is part of the Aricoma Group, is organizing its upcoming ITOSE talent program for those who want to learn how to provide the best hosting, system administration and support in various technologies and start a career as an IT operations and support engineer.

The purpose of the ITOSE talent program is to attract potential candidates with no work experience and give them the opportunity for long-term career growth in various areas. The program introduces participants to:

  • the operational processes and the basics of IT operations and support according to ITIL standards,
  • the basics of the Linux and Windows operating systems,
  • cloud computing, administration and maintenance of MS SQL or Oracle servers,
  • Shell and Powershell-scripting, and
  • IT security.

The ITOSE Talent Program will be launched online in early November and is most suitable for recent graduates or students in their final year of study in Computer Science and Programming as well as for candidates who want to switch their career to IT operations and support engineering. The training will run for a period of 5 weeks and will include eight-hour interactive and practical lectures delivered by Seavus experts.

The best candidates will be given the chance to become part of our team and work in a highly competitive environment. At Seavus, they will be able to experience the creative part in product development and gain international business experience by working for some of the world’s top companies.

It was through such talent programs that many Seavus engineers began their careers at the company. Among them are:

  • Marija Bravo, Junior IT Operations and Support Engineer (2 years in Seavus),
  • Fisnik Selimi, Intermediate Cloud Engineer (almost three years in Seavus), and
  • Zoran Gichevski, Junior IT Operations and Support Engineer (almost two years in Seavus).

How did you start your career in the IT sector and how much did the talent program influence your further development?

"My career in the IT sector started when I applied for the ITOSE talent program, which helped me get a clear idea of what I want to accomplish in my life.

I was in my last year of studies and still undecided in which direction I should develop professionally. Coming at the perfect time, ITOSE helped me decide which path to take. From today’s perspective, I can say that the talent program covers very important topics for beginners and provides the basis for future job positions in the IT sector.

Additionally, it gives an opportunity to gain professional business experience while working in a competitive environment. Through this program you can learn how to approach certain problems, finish assignments on time, work in teams and improve your soft skills. It’s the perfect stepping stone for everyone who wants to start their career in this sector." - Marija Bravo, Junior IT Operations and Support Engineer

What are the most important benefits of the Seavus talent program?

"The ITOSE talent program is an excellent place to learn and collaborate with fellow candidates who are as passionate to work in the IT field. Through the program, you will learn how to implement your skills into projects and get ready for the IT career that you desire. All of the lecturers are experts in their field and are working on real-life projects. Learning from their experience is the most valuable benefit you can acquire.

Last but not least, meeting and exchanging ideas with other candidates could open new ways of creative thinking and ideas on how to solve real-life problems the way the best engineers do." - Zoran Gichevski, Junior IT Operations and Support Engineer, working in the company for one year and 10 months

What kind of knowledge and skills did you gain during the program?

"I highly recommend the ITOSE talent program to all recent IT engineer graduates who are not yet part of the IT industry and are looking for a place to start a career.

During the program, you will encounter different kinds of technologies that will be very helpful in your next journey as ITOSE, such as Cloud technologies, System Administration, Networking, Databases and Monitoring. You will learn different kinds of technologies that are essential to ITOSE and your personal development.

You will also learn different soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and work ethic. As for my personal experience, I found the talent program very helpful. It introduced me to an IT domain that I didn’t even know existed before I took part in the ITOSE talent program; a domain I have enjoyed working in since." - Fisnik Selimi, Intermediate Cloud Engineer

What would you recommend to those who are hesitant to join the ITOSE Talent Program and why should they do so?

"I would like to strongly encourage all of my potential colleagues to apply for this program, since it may help them discover and unlock their potential as IT engineers. This program helped me to understand the basic concepts of the technologies I’m using today on a regular basis and are a crucial part of my daily activities.

Do not hesitate to apply, even if you think that you lack skills or knowledge in the IT field. Note that this program starts from a beginner’s level and its goal is to help you decide which part of the IT world you find yourself working in. I personally think of the talent program as a very exciting part of my IT education, which helped me tremendously in starting an enjoyable career as an IT Operation and Support engineer." - Zoran Gichevski, Junior IT Operations and Support Engineer, who works one year and 10 months in the company

If you want to build a remarkable IT career, gain top work experience with the help of the best professionals, and take part in interesting projects, be sure to join the ITOSE talent program of Seavus.