Day with Filip Stevanovic

Filip Stevanovic, our Java Engineer, explained to us how one working day in Seavus looks like.

Well... It's not only about being a hard worker but also about having fun, being relaxed, and thus feeling motivated to push your limits far more. 

That's what I've experienced in Seavus so far. It's all about flexibility. 

During the working day, there are a lot of activities out there. Of course, we all know about the part when it comes to shining bright in front of the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, but also table tennis, catching gamepad, and generally spending some time with the colleagues that are cooperative and thinking positive is nothing less important, what more to wish for a day in the office? 

Did I mention the opportunity to learn more from day to day, without a boring daily routine, with additional courses and team buildings on regular basis? Working from anywhere you want?

Yeah, that's the Seavus way!