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Seavus Hiring Process

Seavus Hiring Process

This is our step-by-step hiring process:


The pre-selection phase is about the matching of the job resumes to the advertised required skills and competences of the new hire. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by a recruiter and will be invited to attend the first interview.

If you are selected for an interview, a Seavus Recruiter will contact you directly to make the necessary arrangements.

Psychological testing is used to support the findings of well conducted interviews and assist in making predictions with respect to job performance and career potential. Through evaluation and assessment of your cognitive abilities, personality characteristics, skills and interests, a more accurate prediction of a likely future behavior is created.

Depending on the job position you have been interviewed for, we may ask you to come for a second time. If so, we will provide all the information you will need in order to be well prepared and confident when you return.

Seavus will select the candidate that is the best fit for the required position. A Recruiter will contact the potential candidate for employment to extend the job offer.

Accepting our offer? Congratulations and welcome to Seavus! We will provide you all the information you need to ensure you are ready to arrive at work on your first day, complete your final employment forms and get your official employee badge!

Commercial projects

Commercial projects

We are a product of our experience with projects that we have worked on and the people that we are working with. Working on high demanding projects from technology and domain perspective will push you to be better in your every day as a developer. In our projects, we are trying to implement new and interesting technologies, because we know that this is the way to be leaders on the market and be in line with the new trends in development. In order to have satisfied customers and also developers who are constantly advancing and have possibility to grow and contribute, our teams are led by a Technical Lead who is responsible for high quality implementations and constant advancement of the people, benefit which you will find with great value because every Seavus developer is taken care to be as good as he\she can be, constantly pushing the limits in order to be better in technical sense but also we are focusing of enhancing our soft skills. Technical lead with their expertise and experience is here to provide guidance and mentorship for project and people going forward.

Internal projects (R&D)

Every division, in order to progress with desired pace and be in touch with the next domain and technology requirements, is having internal projects in which people will be able to learn new implementations, get working experience in new technologies, get familiar with next requirements from the clients and be more prepared for tomorrow. As an end result from this activity, possible product can be created and offered to the clients as their next need. So, gain is on both sides, developers will be part of the next generation software from domain or technology perspective and the division is heaving possible product which can drive the division forward.

Open projects

In our line of business, there is no staying still, you are progressing, grasping the new or you are regressing because the thing we know is with lower value with every day. This mean one thing, we need to learn, and learning must be part of us and our everyday life. There is some new and interesting thing emerging every day and we, as developers, are in constant need for improvement and learning. This is the only way we can be up to date with the technologies and raise our value as developers. This is why, Seavus s providing to every developer, QA, BA or DB developer, opportunity to join our Open Project program and be part of our company learning initiative. You will be able to have processed learning experience guided by our technical leads, who are heaving 10+ years of experience and are here for you to guide and provide help if needed. Together we can learn to be more prepared for the future. Let’s learn together.
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